Tanzanian-Nigerian born creative, Marryam Moma ( is an Atlanta-based visual artist with an emphasis on Collage art. Marryam holds a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Marryam's formal studies at Tyler, combined with her tenure as fit and fashion illustration model, (while enthralled by the likes of Lorna Simpson and Mickalene Thomas) influenced her principal style and creative delivery.

Moma developed her style working in accredited schools such as Parsons New School of Design, School of Visual Arts and The Fashion Institute of New York. Working at these institutions exposed her to an array of formal art and fashion classes, a vibrant blend of art instructors and fashion-art professionals. She refined her visual and conceptual vocabulary, informed by heavy influence from the cleanliness and precision of architectural drawing and model-making, and the vibrancy and fluidity of fashion design. The clarity, discipline, and cleanliness of her work in the collage medium reflect applied strengths from a formal education in architecture.
Moma is intrigued by using collage as a platform to share life experiences, open a dialogue about social issues close to heart, celebrate the human form and reinforce ideas about individuality and self-love. The process of deconstructing images and then re-integrating many pieces to create something completely new is an intuitive and ongoing visual experiment in which color, texture, shape, light, and space come into play. The ready-made and re-created dance across blank space to form something new, tells a new and unique story. Marryam’s collages are schematic and invite the viewer to move into a space of speculation.

Moma’s works have been exhibited at Zucot Gallery, Atlanta; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Georgia; Mason Fine Art Gallery, Atlanta; KAI LIN Art Gallery, Atlanta; Facet Gallery, Atlanta; Currently on display at The Goat Farm Art Center, Atlanta; Notch 8 Gallery in historic South Atlanta amongst others. Marryam has also completed private commissions including those for the Natural hair and beauty brand, Beautiful Textures, expo in Paris.
It is Marryam’s long term intention is to create an art platform focused on reaching children in under-served communities to stimulate and encourage artistic expression.

Each collage begins with a premise, sometimes inspired by a savored experience or simply an evocative piece of paper. Inspired by the study of architecture, nature, fashion, music, and culture, I create collages; raw and earthy, yet interestingly fresh, clean and simple.
Using fragments of salvaged paper, recycled imagery collected from daily life and meanderings, books, magazines, and other re-purposed materials and media as a catalyst, I construct work comprising an image, parts to wholes, which comment on biopic nature of found or staged imagery. Like a mystery, the composition evolves one piece at a time. Within a subtractive process, I continue to edit, cut, or otherwise employ possible elements, mix media and make decisions about what works, needed next to complete the composition. A working system ultimately melds the palette of recycled pieces together into fresh, layered imagery with new associations and meanings in a deepened exploration of contemporary culture.
The work samples you will find represent my traditional style; subtractive, fresh, light-handed and nimble. It also includes more experimental pieces I produced during my MIGRATION artist residency with TILA Studios + Tracy Murrell Art, April 2019. I used this opportunity to take more risks, embrace a more additive process, playing with utilizing more white space and incorporating more elements in the background.